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State Meet Schedule

Drill Practice ScheduleDrill Performance Schedule
Short Schedule: CLICK HERE


Long Schedule: CLICK HERE



2019 State Meet – May 16th Thru May 19th

**Long Schedules Listed Above For Drill Practice & Performance**


Below is INFORMATION & UPDATES on various aspects of STATE:

TEXT/UPDATES – Want to be kept up to date with alerts via text message or free phone app? We will be leveraging the REMIND App this year at state to keep you up to date. This is free of cost to sign up and can be left at any point in time. Visit: If you have the REMIND app already installed, just search for us @wahset2019.

ARRIVAL – Participants cannot be at Grant Fairgrounds before 3:00pm on Wednesday, there is an additional cost of $16 for stall for Wednesday night and the associated camping fees. When you arrive, you will enter through the Gold Gate, closest to the fair office.

OPENING CEREMONIES & PRESENTATION OF DISTRICTS – Practice for ceremonies will be on Thursday afternoon from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm with opening ceremonies at 6:00pm in the Ardell Indoor Arena.

UNITED STATE FLAG presented by Elizabeth Johnson – South Kitsap (District 4)
WA STATE FLAG presented by Sierra Frasier – LaCenter (District 2)
WAHSET FLAG presented by Camden Miller – District 7 
NATIONAL ANTHEM Sung by Brittni DeVault – Washougal (District 6)

DISTRICT 1 FLAG – Tia Ragan – Wenatchee
DISTRICT 2 FLAG – Vada Flagg – Eatonville
DISTRICT 3 FLAG – Ashland Anderson – Camas
DISTRICT 4 FLAG – Yana Hoesel – Squim
DISTRICT 5 FLAG – Mackenzie Collopy – Columbia Burbank
DISTRICT 6 FLAG – Stina Tapio – Hockinson
DISTRICT 7 FLAG – Aimee Henderson

SCHEDULE – Link above is the FINAL Schedule. If there is any change in schedule being used it would be on a per day basis and will be communicated by state staff. All scheduled start/stop times are estimates. Athletes must be prepared and ready to participate when the class is ready. We will begin classes up to 30 minutes early.

FEES – $55 per athlete fee which includes one stall and two bags of shavings. Each additional stall required is an additional $55 and comes with two bags of shavings. Haul-ins allowed, but they must use a stall provided with the athlete fee.

SHAVINGS – Each stall comes with two bags of shavings provided by the state. Preordered shavings will be onsite and ready for pickup. These will only be allowed to be picked up by District, so please coordinate within your district if you will not be present. Additional bags of shavings are available for purchase through the office. They are $9 per bale and can be picked up at the shavings cage from 9:00am – 9:45am or 3:00pm to 4:45pm. Athletes should bring wheelbarrows. ALL Stalls Must Be Stripped Upon Departure.

SILENT AUCTION – Don’t forget to have schools bring their SILENT AUCTION BASKETS for each school participating. Encourage them to “plan ahead” and not just run down to the local store to get items! The state office will be coordinating and will have auction bid sheets available to put with each school’s item(s).

DRILL/WORKING PAIRS MUSIC This year we will collect your music digitally prior to the state meet. You will click the link below for the event in which you are providing music. If the same music is used for different schools, you will need to upload the music for each team.

First Name = “School” & Last Name = Team Letter (Example: First Name = Seattle High & Last Name = Team B)

Working Pairs: CLICK HERE          Short Program: CLICK HERE          Quad/Working Fours: CLICK HERE


PerformanceCattle / GamingDrill – QuadsDrill – Short Program
Kim GiglioHeidi MasengaleJoan CooperConnie Evans
Lisa GardnerKathy WendlandtJorga StarkDiane Thomas
Sherri Williams   
Tammie Whitt   

Camping & Stall Locations – 

Have questions about the stalls/camping? Ask your District Chair, if you are the district chair, reach out to Houston Chatham

Barn Layouts Maps – 

Barn 40
Barn 42
Barn 43
Barn 44
Barn 45
Barn 46
Barn 47
Portable #1
Portable #2
Portable #3
Portable #4
Portable #5
Portable #6
Portable #7
Rodeo #1
Rodeo #2
Rodeo #3