2018 PNWIC Dates – June 15-17 @Grant County Fairgrounds, Moses Lake



As you know, the states of WA, OR, and ID have allowed an exemption for the Coggins test (aka Equine Infectious Anemia test) for a long time. The risk for the disease was considered low so the exemption was allowed to remain in effect. Unfortunately, because of the recent detections the three State Veterinarians (WA, OR, and ID) agreed back in early January that dissolving the Coggins testing exemption was the right thing to do. It is in best interest of our regional equine industry for the EIA testing waiver to be annulled and for EIA testing to be resumed for interstate movement.

Beginning February 13 Oregon began requiring a negative Coggins test within the prior six months for importation of Equidae into Oregon from Washington and Idaho. This requirement already exists for all other states. The Oregon Livestock website has been updated (Click Here).

In summary, the Coggins test exemption that has been in place with Washington and Idaho has been terminated. Oregon importation requirements for Equidae from all states include a CVI, entry permit, and a negative Coggins test within the prior six months of entry.


If you need to stay an additional night (Sunday, June 4) you may do so for an additional fee of $40. You will need to move your RV away from the barn area by or before 8AM Monday, June 5. Contact your District Chair if you need an additional night of camping.